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Our team is a powerhouse of experience and we're looking forward to working with you. 
Woman participating in virtual training class

Virtual Training Experts

Involving participants, sparking learning

We provided virtual training long before COVID, and ditched the boring lectures and thick slide decks years ago. Each training we design uses full-engagement learning so participants are actively involved from start to end.

Available & Flexible

Meeting their needs, on their time

Our Emerging Leader Training programs are scheduled to meet your organization's needs. Coaching is done one-on-one to accommodate each participant's schedule and even allowing for on-the-spot coaching as needed.

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Available & Flexible

Meeting their needs, on their time

Training programs, coaching calls, and feedback sessions are all planned around your schedule so no matter the work schedule or time zone, we'll be there.

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Woman leading in-person training session

Experience Matters

Various industries, mulitple degrees

Our team consists of trainers from hospitality, finance, and education. We hold advanced degrees in education and business, and have decades of experience designing and facilitating leadership development programs. Together, we prepare your participants for greater success today, and new opportunities in the future.

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