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Emerging Leader Training Program

Custom content designed for each client to meet the needs of your leaders while incorporating your company values and culture. 

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Emerging Leader Training Program Details

All the components of our comprehensive training program, defined.

360 Survey

While a survey may not sound exciting, this survey gathers feedback from your participants, their direct leader, coworkers, and others who they work with to provide insights into how they are perceived and revealing blind spots they may not be aware of.  Results are shared in a one-on-one coaching session where participants create their personal goals for the program. They then share their goals with their leader for additional support and accountability.

6 Training Classes

The first session provides an overview of the program, answers any questions participants may have, and defines the topic and parameter of the group project. This is followed by custom content, classes designed specifically for your emerging leaders to build confidence and communication skills. Each class includes prework, to be completed prior to the training, and postwork, which is done after class to reinforce the learning. Sessions are held once per month.

Personalized Coaching

Changing behavior isn't simple, that's why coaching is a critical component of our programs. Through coaching, learning is reinforced, an additional layer of accountability is in place, and your emerging leaders stay focused on achieving their goals.

Group Project

Leaders are constantly asked to come up with evidence-based solutions to workplace issues. We replicate that experience by having your emerging leaders work together to research and propose a solution to a current company challenge. They will create a written proposal and present their findings to your leadership team for consideration. Projects are determined by your organization but don't worry, we work with you so that you select an issue that's manageable, challenging, and impactful to your business.

Manager Check-Ins

Your emerging leader's direct managers are a great source of feedback and support so we check in with them throughout the program to find out what changes they're seeing and to help them coach their participants to even greater success.


Most training companies don't share pricing on their website. Well, we're not most training companies. No secrets here. Pricing is per program, all inclusive.

$25,000 for 1-5 participants

$45,000 for 6-10 participants

Looking to send more than 10 employees? We're happy to run concurrent sessions. All sessions are held virtually to accommodate remote, hybrid, and in-office employees. 

If you prefer in-person training, please get in touch to discuss dates and locations.

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